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Welcome to University of Living Light

Welcome to University of Living Light - Science of Living Light Energy Healing Techniques and Attunements for Energy Healer Training and Certification. University of Living Light offers Living Light energy healing techniques and Living Light energy healing attunements by Alexandriah Stahr. These Living Light energy healing attunements and Living Light energy healing techniques have been channeled through Alexandriah Stahr for over 25 years. Alexandriah offers various Living Light energy attunements for a variety of different fifth dimensional Living Light healing rays for both self-healing and professional healer training.

These Living Light attunements, activate the healing ability in your hands and your presence and enable you to heal yourself and others. The Living Light healing energy attunements are done in a single activational phone session, which includes instructions on how to work with the energy. Any of the individual attunements can be done after you have gone through the Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing: Implant Removal Series by phone session with Alexandriah. The main reason for this is that using and working with the Living Light energies opens you to receiving intuitive guidance in their use. Having consciousness that is free of Implant Control will make you much more effective in your healing work. The energies are easy to use and are activated through intent once you have been attuned to them. Some are hands-on and some are projected through your presence and intent for what is called Presence Healing. Previous Reiki training is a plus, but not necessary.

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